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Spigodoor Technical Doors has two models of wood fire doors: FR-30 fire doors and FR-60 fire doors.

Fire doors and FR doors (fire-resistant doors) are technical doors that allow us to minimise the risks of fire and its propagation. The FR-30 and FR -60 specification in the names of the models of technical doors refers to certifications —EI1 30-C5 (FR-30) and EI1 60-C5 (FR-60)— that follow the UNE EN 13501-2-2009+A1 standard. This specification describes the resistance to fire of the different models. Thus, FR-30 fire doors ensure that, in case of fire, it would need at least 30 minutes to propagate through the door from one room to the next. In the case of the FR-60 fire doors, a fire would need at least 60 minutes to pass through these doors.

The Spigogroup technical carpentry has a division called Spigodoor which manufactures technical doors. Spigodoor manufactures and supplies FR wood fire doors . The available models are FR-60 fire doors and FR-30 fire doors, the two models most commonly used models in hotels, public buildings and community service buildings, such as hospitals, schools or health centres. The FR fire doors by Spigodoor are solid doors featuring intumescent material which expands when hot, sealing any small holes or slits through which the fire could pass the door. FR fire doors are offered in multiple finishes: laminated HPL, veneers, MDB for painting, lacquer, etc.

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