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Phenolic panel is the most common material used in the manufacture of made-to-measure furniture for humid areas, because it has a special feature that provides furniture with outstanding resistance to these environments

In addition, Phenolic boards have another important feature. They are impact resistant and scratch proof, so they are extensively used in public buildings where there is a need for materials that are particularly resistant to daily use and large numbers of people. This versatility of phenolic panel, its adaptability to any space and size, and the wide range of available finishes make phenolic boards the stars of major made-to-measure furniture catalogues, particularly for damp environments such as toilets, bathrooms, changing rooms, etc.

This applies to products such as the phenolic toilet cubicles or cabins manufactured with phenolic boardsand countertops made with phenolic panel, that we can find in toilets in theatres, shopping malls, museums, hospitals, airports, and many public buildings. The same happens with other special furniture such as lockers and benches also manufactured with a metal structure and phenolic panel, which makes them a solid, rugged product, used in sports halls, schools, universities, swimming pools, gyms and all sorts of sports buildings.

Custom manufacturing possibilities and a wide variety of finishes makes phenolic boards one of the materials of choice for the manufacture and installation of screens in offices and workplaces. Going beyond the world ofmade-to-measure furniture, the toughness of phenolic panel also makes it suitable for manufacturing technical doors and cladding for façades.

Phenolic boards and made-to-measure furniture manufactured with phenolic panel offer a world of possibilities for the design and implementation of architectural and interior design projects, as well as in public buildings and community services.


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