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As a technical carpentry which manufactures acoustic panels and inner linings, we often ask ourselves what technology will bring about in the future.

The continuous scientific progress enjoyed by mankind affects, to a greater or lesser extent, all trades, arts and disciplines. In the building world, as could not be otherwise, the evolution of the different architectural trends has been marked by several factors, including the technological development of different materials and different technical advances.

The wood panels that we manufacture and use on a daily basis have also evolved. What were originally simplewood panels can now be acoustic panels for the acoustic conditioning of rooms, but also, depending on the treatment, they can have fire-retardant properties. Furthermore, the different materials used for finishes offer a near infinite catalogue of decorative options.

But what will the future bring us? What will future acoustic panels be like?

It seems to be that the advances in nanotechnology (the science of the small, which acts on the atoms and molecules) will be key in the possible new offer of wood panels to be used on the wood walls and ceilings of the future. Nanotechnology will bring new wood acoustic panels and other properties now almost unimaginable, more in the realm of of science fiction, yet maintaining the timeless aesthetic virtues of wood.

Tomorrow... Will we have wood ceilings made with acoustic panels able to convert sound waves into electricity? Will the design ceilings of the future include acoustic panels capable of changing colour as desired? Will a wood panelling be invented that is capable of renewing the air in a room by itself? Will the new acoustic panels in auditoriums and theatres have sensors capable of measuring reverberation, volume, and a room's other acoustic data? Will biotechnology create acoustic panels capable of adapting in size and shape to the acoustic needs of each moment?


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