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01 Precio de paneles acústicos y revestimientos de maderaThere is a quick and easy way to get a price for acoustic panels and wood cladding: Spigogroup's online quotation engine..

Spigogroup's new website features an online tool that allows architects, quantity surveyors, engineers and decorators to:


  • Directly access our ACAE, PRESTO and FIEBDC digital catalogues.
  • Compile all the necessary information about the material they need.
  • Fill in a complete and structured request for quotation.
  • Send it quickly and easily.
  • Get their quotation within 24 hours.


Would you like to give it a try? It is quite easy to operate: Just CLICK on the REQUEST A QUOTATION button on the top right hand side of our site or through the menu, under PROFESSIONALS and QUOTATIONS.

If you are an architect, you will be directed to the ACAE Spigogroup catalogue where you can consult our digital catalogues in ACAE, PRESTO and FIEBDC formats, as well as contact us directly.

If you are a Professional you can directly access the online quotation tool. In an easy and intuitive way, it will ask you for information about the type of product you need, as well as the specific characteristics of your project that may affect the choice of the most suitable material.

At the end, you can send the fully-completed request (product, location, dimensions, supports, finishes, etc.) directly to our sales department, which immediately starts working to offer you a price for the acoustic panels, wood cladding, wood slats, sports furniture or technical doors that you need, within 24 hours.




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