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The use of sound-absorbent wood inner linings for the acoustic conditioning of business premises and franchises is becoming increasingly frequent.

Everyone knows business premises, whether of independent retailers or major franchises (fashion shops, restaurant chains, footwear, jewellery...), with major business decoration projects where wood is the featured component to provide a background for the products being sold. They are major wood projects which, although we may not be aware of it, fulfil a double function.

The beauty of good wood inner linings, wood walls and wood ceilings and the feeling of comfort and warmth they offer customers arriving from the outside is unmatched. What does the Irishman feel when he takes refuge from the Island's harsh winter weather by entering a welcoming pub, with its wood panelling on walls and ceilings? What is the perception of Qatar executives when they visit their favourite fashion brand shop and find a distinguished combination of wood inner linings in light wood, glass and other carefully selected high quality materials?

But the best thing about sound-absorbent wood inner linings is that they help to control the possible reverberation that sometimes occurs in business and catering premises. Thus, wood walls and wood ceilingsmade with the most elegant wood panels become the perfect allies for the acoustic conditioning of bars, grastrobars and restaurants, leisure and entertainment premises, fashion, footwear and jewellery shops, hotels and tourist venues, etc., serving as walls and design ceilings and, at the same time, as walls and acoustic ceilings.


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