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Cómo instalar lamas de madera maciza en paredes 1Installing solid wood slats on walls is not complicated if you opt for quality wood slats with a tried-and-tested fastening system adapted to the characteristics of the material.

Minimalist decoration with wood has conquered the hearts of decorators and interior designers and we are discovering more and more designs that include walls, or parts of them, clad with solid wood slats. All agree that, aesthetically, the effect of warmth, order and spaciousness offered by this type of wall cladding is unequalled. However, proper installation is crucial in ensuring work safety and also a final visual result with the straightness, parallelism and symmetry that they contribute to the design of a space.

At Spigoline we have three types of interior cladding employing wood slats, each with its own wall installation system:


  • GRID System: It is made up of slats of solid Wood (square or rectangular sections) positioned parallel to each other, joined together by wooden rods (12 mm diameter). The GRID System is installed on the wall using a fast and effective anchoring system based on positioning os Spigoline grills through U clips on wooden spacer estructure.


  • ACOUSTIC System: It is made up of superior acoustic panel with ovoid or circular holes and solid wood slats (square or rectangular section) positioned parallel to each other and perpendicular to this support. The ACOUSTIC System is installed on the wall using an assembly system.


  • LINEAL System: It is made up of solid wood beams (square or rectangular cross-section) laid parallel to one another and held together by wooden struts. They are screwed onto wood battens which are always perpendicular to the slats.




If you have any questions, please contact Spigogroup's technical department:


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