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Installing Spigoacustic wood acoustic panels is very simple. So much so that if you try it, you will soon discover that the real difficulty does not lie in the assembly, but rather deciding on the model that you like among the dozens of finishes offered by our brand.

When you detect a problem due to reverberation in room acoustics and decide to solve it using acoustic panels made of sound-absorbent wood, always keep in mind three key aspects: the acoustic panels’ absorption capacity, the finish (colours, materials, etc.) and the mounting system. As on other occasions, to learn about the different models of the Spigoacustic family, you can refer to our online catalogue, but today we want to look at the system for installing wood acoustic panels which is offered by Spigoacustic.

The installation of Spigoacustic wood acoustic panels is carried out with two basic mounting systems:

  • Omega Profile + fastening clip. In this case the profiles are placed on the wall like a batten so that the plates can then be mounted using a dovetail system. Spigoacustic plates are attached to the profile with the use of fastening clips.
  • Wood batten system. In this case, you fix the wood battens on the wall and then mount the panels using the dovetailing system they include. The Spigoacustic plates are nailed to the battens with an air gun.


Following is a video clip demonstrating the installation of Spigoacustic wood acoustic panels using Omega profile + clip system.



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