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installing acoustic panels on walls 02Installing acoustic panels on walls, when we are talking about Spigoacustic panels, is a very simple task. Part of their success, and the reason why you can discover Spigoacustic acoustic panels in so many buildings, is that they have a simple, easy and quick installation system.

Spigoacustic wood acoustic panels are installed on walls using a tongue and groove system. They are installed on a substructure of standard wood battens anchored to the wall to correct any defects in the flatness of the partition wall and ensure a good installation result. The panels are fixed to the battens with flat head screws and are fitted together with tongue and groove profiles, so that the whole assembly is well-assembled and very solid.

To ensure good acoustic response during installation, we recommend a layer of rock wool between the Spigoacustic panels and the wall. In addition, Spigoacustic acoustic panels incorporate an acoustic veil on the hidden face of the pieces, which also acts as an acoustic absorber while concealing the substructure of the installation and any existing rock wool.

Depending on the geometrical arrangement of the slats, different wall installation layouts can be adopted, making it possible to integrate lighting solutions:


  • Horizontal staggered installation, with joints aligned every other row or alternately.
  • Horizontal installation of aligned panels, with joints aligned in the same direction.


  • Vertical installation allowing for continuity without any visible joints of up to 2400 mm, the maximum height of the panel.
  • Mixed vertical - horizontal installation

instalación de paneles acústicos en paredes 05




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