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instalación de techos desmontables de madera installing removable wood ceilings la pose des plafonds démontables boisIf you are thinking of installing removable wood ceilings in your project you should read this post first.

Wood removable ceilings are made of wood panels laid out on a fully standardised grid system, for quick and easy installation from the sides of a room.

Installing removable wood ceilings is a widespread practice, particularly in hotels, shopping centres, offices, auditoriums, culture halls and institutional buildings that opt ​​for wood to give a touch of elegance and distinction to their most important spaces.

At Spigogroup we specialize in the manufacture of wood removable ceilings, wood accessible ceilings, acoustic ceilings, design ceilings and wood ceilings for interior design and decoration projects all over the world.

Below is a selection of the best 20 articles we have written in this blog about installing removable wood ceilings. The following articles you will know a little more about installing removable wood ceilings, existing models, advantages and other technical details.


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