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Interiorismo en hoteles 01There is a key component in the layout and interior design of hotels that affects the whole image of the establishment: the guest reception area.

It is clear that the image and attractiveness of a hotel is at stake in the few metres between the entrance to the building and the reception desk. In that short time, guests may well decide if they are going to enjoy their stay there. That first impression will have a major influence on the way guests perceive the staff, services and facilities during their stay.

Hotel guests like to be in a place where they can feel at home, where their needs are met and where they can disconnect. That is why it is essential to have the right acoustic conditioning to assure the sound comfort that we all desire.

Installing acoustic panels on walls and/or ceilings, including on the wood panelling of the reception desk, will help to control reverberation and echoes and other annoying sound effects in the room. This helps to reduce the feeling of being crowded at peak times, with telephones ringing and several simultaneous conversations in a small space, and will enable the main mission of a hotel reception to be fulfilled: to listen and attend to the needs of guests.

In addition, opting for wood acoustic panels adds warmth and elegance to the design of the reception area, reinforcing that image of distinction and professionalism that you want to convey.








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