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fabricamos puertas de madera a medida 02If you ask us in which cases we manufacture made-to-measure wood doors, the answer is simple: when our clients ask for them.

Some decoration or interior design projects require wood doors with specific characteristics that are not offered by the standard models in the wide range of Spigodoor technical doors and wood doors.

We can provide an answer to this problem because we are manufacturers and we have the possibility to undertake any special customised order. The cases in which we manufacture made-to-measure wood doors depend on the type of requirement of each project:


  • Dimensions:  the standard dimensions of Spigodoor wood doors are 2030 mm in height with a choice of widths of 425, 525, 625, 725, 825 or 925 mm. However, if a project requires other lengths, other proportions or even another shape, we can study its technical feasibility and undertake its manufacture.


  • Finishes: the Spigodoor door finishes catalogue is very extensive and includes ready-to-paint MDB, laminated HPL formica, natural wood maple, beech, cherry and oak veneers, and lacquer in any reference in the PANTONE, RAL and NCS charts. However, there may be other possibilities that we can study in order to provide customised manufacture if a client requires it.


  • Technical requirements: we are manufacturers of acoustic doors and FR fire doors, which we can also adapt to the needs of a project within the limits of regulations.


  • Special systems: At Spigogroup we manufacture special standardised door systems, such as flush doors, panelled doors or anti-pinch doors, which we can also make to measure.


fabricamos puertas de madera a medida 03


fabricamos puertas de madera a medida 04


fabricamos puertas de madera a medida 05




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