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material para la decoración 01Wood is one of the oldest materials for decorating and constructing buildings, with different formats and finishes and, always, in continuous reinvention. Today, sustainability and commitment to the environment have made it a popular choice with a very promising future.

It is a material with a porous structure that is more sound-absorbent than other materials that reflect sound waves more strongly. This makes it the ideal material for use in acoustic panels for the acoustic conditioning of homes, workplaces and service areas.

Lamination, particle aggregation and gluing have achieved wood formulations (laminated panels, OSB, etc.) that significantly improve strength, stability and dimensional consistency. Additionally, continuous experimentation and the application of pressure and heat treatments have improved stability, reducing deformation and cracking due to humidity, and making it more resistant to the effects of insects and fire. Other surface treatments, such as painting, staining, varnishing, lacquering, oil and wax, have provided an almost infinite range of finishes, while extending the longevity of the wood.

But the key lies in its extraordinary ecological value as it is a 100% recyclable material, with a high CO2 storage capacity, even after being treated, and with an infinite regeneration capability, provided it comes, like the wood used by Spigogroup from sustainably managed forests.


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