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Melamine-finished acoustic panels - wood modelsWhat are melamine-finished acoustic panels?

We should first define melamine. Melamine is an organic compound which combines with formaldehyde to produce melamine resin, a synthetic polymer which is fire resistant and heat tolerant. This resin is used to manufacture of melamine chipboard panels and the thin decorative surface layers used to finish them them.

Melamine-finished acoustic panels are chipboard acoustic panels covered with melamine resin. Melamine contributes certain features to acoustic panels, including resistance to alkalis, high softening temperature, heat stability and high heat and fire resistance, while providing a high degree of sound absorption and being insoluble in common solvents. But, in addition, the sound absorption panels or melamine-finished acoustic panels offer a wide range of decorative options, making them ideal for use in acoustics and decoration projects.

Spigotec and Spigoacustic are the Spigogroup divisions engaged in the manufacture of acoustic panels made of sound-absorbent wood for cladding walls and ceilings, with more than 70 different models of acoustic panels. Each acoustic panel provides a different level of sound absorption and they can all be lacquered, finished in natural wood or they can be melamine-finished acoustic panels (12 mm thick layer). The Spigogroup melamine-finished acoustic panels catalogue Spigogroup includes the following finishes: white, stainless, beech wood, pear wood, maple wood, oak wood, wenge and cherry wood.


View the Spigotec Models - View Spigotec Catalogue

View the Spigoacustic Models - View Spigoacustic Catalogue


Melamine-finished acoustic panels - Spigoacustic & Spigotec



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