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Modern wood ceilings offer a perfect combination of style and functionality in interior design.

The decision to endow a building with wood ceilings, or ceilings with wood panelling covering other materials has many origins. Sometimes there is a need to contribute warmth to the building such as that offered by wood ceilings which other materials can just not achieve. At other times, the use of design ceilings requires it. Even the use of sound-absorbing wood ceilings can come from the need to use acoustic ceilings in order to fit a room with acoustic conditioning.

Here are three examples of modern wood ceilings that we have recently made at Spigogroup:



Lezkairu Health Centre

The architectural studio Alonso Hernández y Asociados opted for wood as the main material for the interior wall and ceiling cladding in this project. We were looking for the elegance and warmth that only wood can bring to a space, and the sound comfort offered by the use of acoustic panels.

Two types of wood acoustic panels were installed:


  • approximately 920 m² of 1200×600 cm Spigoacustic 42-32-64 acoustic panels, with wood effect varnished oak veneered finish on 16 mm fireproof MDF Bs1,d0, with T15 half-hidden profile mounting system.
  • approximately 560 m² of 600×600 cm Spigoacustic 42-NO-32 acoustic tiles, with white melamine finish on 16 mm fireproof MDF Bs1,d0, with T15 half-hidden profile mounting system.


techos de madera modernos




Press room at the Ministry of Justice in Madrid

For the ceilings, we produced 90 m² of interior cladding using Spigoline Grid 5-15-70-55 wood slats, finished in obeche wood and tinted with fire retardant varnish, using black rods.






Práxedes Mateo Sagasta Secondary School in Logroño

In this case, wood slat ceilings were also chosen We also installed more than 400 m² of Spigoline Grid 6-30-70-30 model solid wood slat cladding, with black grilles and finished in white-tinted obeche wood with autoclave bs1d0.





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