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Moroccan Architecture has traditionally stood out for an intensive use of brickwork, adobe and other materials from the earth and the sand. In a landscape that is primarily arid, if not an outright desert, wood is not exactly one of the first options when undertaking a construction project, simply because it is not readily available.

However, the taste for wood has globalised and conquered every last corner of the planet, and the new Moroccan Architecture also displays exquisite wood ceilings and inner linings made with wood slats or other forms of this precious material.

Here are some examples:


  • Casa-Port railway station

The wood geometric design ceilings which the studios AREP and Groupe3 Architectes included in their project for the Casablanca railway station reflects the modernisation of the economic capital and most populous city in Morocco.

Photos by Didier Boy de La Tour and information obtained from





  • COP22 Village

COP22 Village was the exhibition space for the World Summit on climate change of the same name that was held in 2016 in Marrakech. The OUALALOU + CHOI architectural firm designed a spectacular 12-meter-high portico built by stacking identical wooden pieces of local origin.

Photos by Luc Boegly and Hakim Benchekroun and information obtained from



  • Wifaq Sports Centre

Wood slats on exterior walls and inner linnigs, and spectacular wood ceilings in the pool embellish the sports facilities designed by Groupe3 Architectes in Rabat.

Photos by Fernando Guerra and information obtained from




  • Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Marrakech

The museum dedicated to Yves Saint Laurent in Marrakech combines extraordinary brickwork with the wood acoustic panels usually found in auditoriums and libraries of this type of buildings.

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  • Villa Agava

The new Moroccan architecture for residential use you can reveals a growing taste for wood panels or wood slats in combination with the classic white walls. Villa Agava, by Driss Kettani Architects is an example of this

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