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The use of wood ceilings in Denmark is as widespread as in the rest of northern Europe. It is basically a continuation of the traditional use of what has always been the main material resource for Danish builders. However, now, the reason for using wood ceilings, cladding and walls has to do with the sustainability of wood and a global commitment to a new, environmentally-friendly architecture.

They continue to prefer wood ceilings in Denmark. These are some examples of recent projects. But there are many more:


Hammershus visitor center

The original ceiling of this Arkitema Architects studio project serves as a lookout from the outside while showcasing a decorative wood ceiling inside.

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Landkolonien Jomsborg / Cube Arkitekter

Landkolonien Jomsborg is a new installation for children explorers, in which the choice of wood as primary sustainable material for walls and ceilings (using wood slats) evokes the forest and the activities that take place in the centre.

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Summer House / CEBRA

Summerhouse located next to Vejle Fjord with wood ceilings with larch cladding that unifies the interior design.

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Dome of Visions 3.0

Original proposal for the Aarhus modern culture centre, with a polycarbonate and wood ceiling forming a large dome. The rest of the project is entirely built in sustainable wood.

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Villa P / Nørkær+Poulsen Architects

Another example in which wood ceilings from the outside continue inward, creating, according to the team of N + P Architecture, an honest and transparent transition from inside to outside.

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Kannikegården is a new house for the council of the parish church of Ribe. The ceiling is covered with façade tiles in reddish brown hues, while the interior features wood ceilings alternating smooth panels and wood slats.

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Brick House / LETH & GORI

The Brick House had two goals; to create a house that is free of maintenance for 50 years with a useful life of at least 150 years. For this they used clay blocks, bricks and wood interior cladding on walls and ceilings.

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IBC Innovation Factory

IBC Innovation Factory is a rehabilitation project to convert an old factory into a 12,800 m² educational building that serves as a training ground for future innovators. Again, wood ceilings and structures take centre stage as you raise your head in the main common rooms.

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