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Wood slats have become a first-class decorative technique. We have spent many years manufacturing and distributing Spigoline brand vertical slats and horizontal slats made from solid wood, and we can vouch that the warmth and elegance provided by wood have no rival when it comes to getting the best aesthetic results. Wood slats have been used to beautify, particularly in areas of public use in business premises, schools and also, as in the case that we bring today, bars and hotels.

Late last year and early this year we participated in the decoration of different rooms of a four star hotel in Altea (Alicante), the Hotel Cap Negret.

They commissioned us to supply a set of wood slats with a GRID system, it is made up of slats of solid Wood (square or rectangular sections) positioned parallel to each other, joined together by wooden rods (13 mm diameter). But on this occasion we had to manufacture a special model, outside standard sizes: the Spigoline 3-30100-90 wood slats model , offering 3 slats with a 30 x 100 mm section and a separation between slats of 90 mm. The slats panel in this model had a grid width of of 360 m and a length of 1,500 and 3,000 mm. The slats were laid on the grid using black rods and were finished in stained solid obeche wood with fire Bs2 d0 retardant varnish.

The approximately 80 m² that we were asked to supply were used in ceilings and the rear wall of the hotel bar.


Panel of wood slats and vertical slats in Hotel Cup Negret 2



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