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Partitioning public toilets is one of the main uses of phenolic cabins and phenolic sanitary cubicles.

Phenolic cabins are particularly resistant to humidity and are therefore widely used as shower partitions where they are constantly exposed to high levels of humidity, in addition to being in direct contact with water on a daily basis. Partitions are also used in changing rooms in swimming pools, gyms and spas in the cubicles provided for users to change their clothes. While it is true that in such cases they are not required to withstand direct contact with water, like they do in showers, they do end up being in the same, highly humid environments as sanitary cubicles, where they are used for partitioning showers.

001 Separación de Aseos Públicos Cabinas Fenólicas Cabinas Sanitarias Partitioning public toilets

But phenolic cabins also offer other advantages which are suitable for partitioning public toilets. For example, phenolic cabins are extremely resistant to impact, wear and scratches, so they are perfect for partitioning public toilets on premises with high user traffic: cinemas, shopping centres, sports buildings, schools, medical centres and hospitals, etc.

In addition, phenolic cabins used for partitions in public toilets are also ideal for quick and simple sanitary maintenance as they are very easy to clean and their surface is not porous, repels stains and dirt and is also antibacterial and highly resistant to chemicals.

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