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PEFC wood panelling or FSC wood panelling , is wood panelling made with PEFC or FSC certified wood. This guarantees the wood comes from sustainably managed forests and that it has also been prepared by a manufacturer who guarantees that a PEFC or FSC chain of custody system is maintained right through to the end product.

PEFC or FSC wood panelling What’s that?Both certificates (PEFC or FSC) guarantee in similar ways the use of sustainable wood in the manufacture of quality wood solutions.

PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) is a global, non-governmental, independent, non-profit programme which promotes the sustainable management of forests, and its seal guarantees that a product, such as wood panelling used in construction or in acoustic projects, has fulfilled the certification standards from the forest to the point of sale.

FSC (Forest Stewardship Councils) is also a global, non-profit organisation which promotes responsible forest management in the world. Its NGO partners include WWF and Greenpeace.

PEFC or FSC wood panelling What’s that?Spigogroup has both the PEFC seal and the FSC seal which certify its ability to manufacture, market and supply PEFC wood panelling and FSC wood panelling, as well as other wood solutions, including acoustic panels, wood slats and walls and wood ceilings. With these seals and by putting on the market PEFC wood panelling and FSC wood panelling, Spigogroup expresses its commitment to the defence of the environment and the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly industries.



PEFC or FSC wood panelling What’s that?

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