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Phenolic benches for locker rooms. What are they? What are they for?Phenolic benches are one of the pieces of sports furniture which are always found in changing rooms.

When you make use of lockers in swimming pools, gyms, sports complexes, pelota courts, spas or any other type of sports facility you find different parts of phenolic furniture especially designed and manufactured for this type of environment. Users can safely store their belongings in phenolic lockers while they practice their favourite sport, while phenolic booths allow you to change while preserving your privacy and phenolic partitions do the same thing in urinals, the phenolic partitions and countertops which are found in washstands and other areas with phenolic panel and phenolic benches serve as support when users equip themselves to carry out their activities and arrange the contents of their sports bags or prepare to take a shower.

Phenolic changing room benches are made with phenolic panel just like other phenolic furniture. In the case of the phenolic benches made by Spigocompac (the Spigogroup phenolic furniture division) the compact phenolic board used is 12 mm thick.

The advantages of phenolic benches, like all sports furniture made with this material, is their great wear and moisture resistance. Phenolic benches are fireproof, water-resistant, antibacterial, non-corrosive and very resistant to scratching and to wear and tear. They are also very easy to clean and maintain.

There are single and double phenolic benches and both can be complemented with coat racks, top shelves or shoe cubbyholes under the bench. Standard colours are the usual red, grey, yellow, white, blue and green, although special orders are also an option.



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