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We know phenolic lockers and phenolic booths but what other furniture can be manufactured with phenolic panel?

A technical carpentry like Spigogroup, specialising in phenolic furniture, can custom manufacture virtually any piece of furniture that a customer may require, but the most common that comprise the standard catalogue for sports facilities tend to be:


- Phenolic booths or sanitary booths, used to preserve privacy in toilets, showers and changing rooms.

- Phenolic lockers used to store personal items under lock and key —i.e., clothing, towels and other belongings— while the owner is making use of the sports facilities.

- Counter tops for overmounted basins, also manufactured with phenolic boards

- Benches or platforms especially designed for changing rooms

- Screens built with phenolic panels also used in offices as room dividers or to isolate work areas


Normally, phenolic furniture, such as phenolic lockers and phenolic booths, are available in a wide variety of finishes and colours, and monochrome sets such as we see in some facilities. However, in addition to the colours available in the catalogue, perhaps the most important factor when selecting a supplier of phenolic furniture for a project of this nature is its response capability. It is important that, like Spigogroup and its Spigocompac division, the supplier provide a full service, manufacturing and supplying the phenolic furniture, effectively solving any modification, repair or improvement in the furniture of a sports facility or community service buildings with total efficiency.

What seems clear is that, thanks to their versatility and toughness, phenolic booths, phenolic lockers and other phenolic furniture have prevailed in swimming pools, gyms and many sport centres all over the world for many years.


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