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Our pictures made with acoustic panels of sound-absorbent wood can help improve the acoustic conditioning of bars and restaurants.

Yes, yes, that's right, we are talking about pictures like the one in the photo above, which has improved the acoustic conditioning of a Riojan restaurant. We will tell you the full story in case you know of any bar, restaurant, shop or other establishment with the same problems.

A well-known restaurant in Logroño, the capital of La Rioja, a Spanish region famous the world over for its exceptional wines, identified serious acoustic problems in one of its dining rooms. The place had been decorated in a beautiful and very suitable rustic style (stone, brick...), which produced a very high reverberation that spoiled the acoustics and caused intelligibility problems in the conversations that took place in it. We analysed the room's acoustics using specific software and test sheets and confirmed that, as in so many other restaurants, there was a need for improving the acoustic conditioning to make the dining room a more comfortable and enjoyable place for diners. One of the best ways to control reverberation in a room is to install acoustic panels made with sound-absorbent wood, both for wood walls and for wood ceilings, but in this case it was not possible to do so. However it was necessary to improve the acoustic conditioning and, in addition, it had to be done quickly and conveniently.

What was the solution? We identified three areas on the walls of the dining room where we could place acoustic panels manufactured with sound-absorbent wood to help control reverberation and improve the acoustic conditioning of the place. Since, in this case, the acoustic panels did not go well with the decoration, we offered to print them with the client's choice images, (six-colour digital printing directly on the acoustic panels) so they would turn into beautiful pictures that would improve the dining room's aspect as well as its acoustics. As could be expected, they chose three images related to the world of Rioja wine and we finally manufactured three pictures measuring 1.20 x 1.20 m made from acoustic panels of sound-absorbent wood that quickly showed their benefit. We had really managed to improve the restaurant's acoustic conditioning.

Here you can see the photos of the pictures. Do you like them?


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