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proyectos para auditorios Projects for auditoriums

Projects for auditoriums, hotels, offices, warehouses, shops, restaurants, schools and culture centres, public buildings and, thus, up to more than 60 projects in which Spigogroup has participated in the last twelve months. Last year’s list of wood projects, carpentry projects and acoustic conditioning projects is both extensive and varied, and encompasses all Spigogroup divisions: Spigoacustic acoustic panels, Spigotec false ceilings, Spigoline cladding with wood slats, Spigocompac sports furniture and Spigodoor technical doors.

Most of the jobs undertaken in 2019 were unique jobs for a single client or project, but we have also continued to provide material as a trusted supplier to recurring customers such as Supercor, BM Supermarkets and Correos.

In addition, we have strengthened our international presence with projects for auditoriums, universities and other public buildings in Chile, Morocco, Qatar, France, Malta, Andorra, Greece and Lithuania.

This is the list of the main projects in which Spigogroup has participated in 2019:



  • Palladio School Auditorium (Greece)
  • Gs Rostand Hellemmes (France)
  • Curicó Hospital Auditorium (Chile)
  • Cultural Center Siauliai (Lithuania)
  • Games Lounge (Malta)
  • Truevo Payment (Malta)
  • Doha College Black
  • Soldiers' Mess And Nco Building (Qatar)
  • Qatar University New College Of Education



  • Offices of Caja Rural de Navarra
  • Europa Palace in Vitoria
  • Playa Golf Hotel
  • Post office in NoveldaReus Airport
  • Ipurua Soccer Stadium
  • Coffee shop in Caixaforum Sevilla
  • Expansion of El Tormes Shopping Center
  • Trebujana Cultural Center
  • La Salle School in Valencia
  • Oñati School
  • Salesian College of Sarriguren
  • RTVA Radio Studies
  • Toledo Hospital
  • Civil Registry in the Canary Islands
  • Tenerife North Airport
  • Herrera del Duque Town Hall
  • Tomes Shopping Center
  • Extension of the Alicante Bus Station
  • Rector of the University of Seville




  • New Nursing College of La Rioja
  • Marques de Vargas Winery
  • Kabanova Restaurant
  • Martínez Somalo Dining Room in Baños de Río Tobía
  • Patrocinio Wineries
  • Barón de Ley Wineries
  • Haro Multipurpose Center
  • Palacios Rioja Hotel in Alfaro
  • Bañares campsite
  • 16 Apartments in Haro
  • Riofarco
  • Reluz Lighting
  • Facade of Marianists
  • Hideco
  • Aspiralia
  • 26 Homes in Lezkairu
  • 11+11 Homes in Estella
  • Federation of Businessmen of La RiojaMarqués de Atrio
  • Residencial La Villa
  • Ramón Bilbao Wineries
  • Piérola Wineries
  • Lodosa Health Center
  • Gran Vía Creperie
  • Nájera Tourist Apartments
  • Beronia Wineries
  • Palacio Conde de Cirac
  • CEIP Bretón de los Herreros
  • CEIP Vélez de Guevara
  • Fish shop Marino Fish And Food
  • Litalsa
  • Haro Oenological Station
  • Mikonos
  • Wineries Hotel CYA




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