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Removable ceilings and accessible ceilings are the most widely used and recommended for offices and meeting rooms.

Frequently businesses change facilities, move to others which are more appropriate to their needs of the moment and, with the change, they take advantage to reform and decorate the new workspaces. Wood ceilings have always been used because the wood gives users a sense of warmth that few materials can offer and, after all, if one is going to spend many hours in their job, it is a good idea to make the place as pleasant as possible.

But, at the same time, you need these wood ceilings to be as versatile as possible. Removable ceilings and, above all, accessible ceilings allow you to include elements such as air vents, fire sensors or safety, lighting, speakers, etc. in the wood ceilings of the office while at the same time hiding other elements which we you do not want to be seen, such as air vents or electrical wiring or fibre. In addition, accessible ceilings allow you direct access to any point of the wood ceiling for repair and maintenance tasks on any building system (electrical, security, ventilation, data, etc.)

At Spigogroup, our Spigotec division manufactures and installs two types of wood ceilings, — removable ceilings and wood ceilings, which in addition use acoustic panels to achieve acoustic conditioning in offices and meeting rooms. The Spigotec website picture gallery shows some of our removable ceilings andaccessible ceilings.


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