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Removable ceilings have brought great advantages to security systems in buildings

Removable ceilings have become widespread in offices and public buildings of all kinds because of the advantages they offer. The first advantage of removable ceilings is that they serve as a false ceiling to lower the livable height of spaces in buildings. Indeed, removable ceilings which create a false ceiling reduce the amount of cubic metres of air that needs to be heated in a room, which means a reduction in the amount energy required to maintain a suitable temperature.

In addition, removable ceilings offer a space between the false ceiling and the main ceiling. This space "left" by removable ceilings serves to house hidden wires and pipes needed for devices in the building's various installations: electricity, heating, gas, air, sound or safety.

Among the most common safety elements that we can discover in the removable ceilings are fire-fighting systems, smoke detectors, motion sensors, alarms and security cameras, and other more advanced devices of the latest domotic systems for special buildings.

Finally, when removable ceilings are also accessible removable ceilings, they offer quick and direct access to any device integrated in the ceiling, allowing for a rapid response in the event of a fault or breakdown, when adjustments or tests of the different systems are required.


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