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Sound-absorbent ceilings for cinemas are always there, even if we don't notice them. Together with incredible sound equipment they provide the wonderful experience of a good evening at the cinema.

We enter the room of our film, the lights are halfway down and everyone speaks softly, almost whispering, as if afraid to interrupt. We can already discover the effects of wood acoustic panels located above our heads and in the aisles. The sounds we make and our words are muted, but very clear. It's funny, because we understand what our companion tells us much better than we expected. This is the effect of the acoustic ceilings that are installed in cinemas, audiovisual rooms, theatres and auditoriums. It is the consequence of proper, measured sound absorption, which corrects reverberation and ensures good acoustics.

Both modern and classic designs always aim to make the cinema user feel at home. That is why cinema designs always opt for sound-absorbing wood ceilings which are very elegant and cosy. You can opt for a sure bet and choose natural wood or try more special finishes with daring colours, or wood panels that imitate other materials. See post Textured decorative panels to improve aesthetics and acoustics in spaces, New catalogue of melamine finish acoustic panels and tiles, or Acoustic panels with natural wood veneer: many more options than you thought.

Technically, these wood acoustic ceilings have flame retardant treatments required by the safety regulations applicable to this type of room. In addition, they are tough and resistant, and easy to maintain and clean.

02 Techos fonoabsorbentes para cines



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