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An increasing number of business premises now require specific installations and materials to improve acoustics (acoustic ceilings, sound-absorbent wood walls, and so on). However, although there are solutions that only require a relatively simple installation, the truth is that sometimes you want the work to be carried out as fast as possible and with a minimum disturbance of your daily activities.

One of the simplest and most innovative options to achieve the acoustic conditioning of existing premises is offered by the acoustic ceiling and panel manufacturer and installation specialist, Spigo Group. The solution consists of the design and strategic placement of sound-absorbent wood panels at various points throughout the premises but —and this is the most interesting part— hung as if they were paintings.

The installation includes a previous technical study of the acoustic adaptation of the premises to determine the type and quantity of wood panels that need to be installed and, obviously, their exact location depending on construction characteristics and décor.

After this study, which is carried out using specific software for planning the acoustic conditioning of premises and buildings, a conclusion is reached, such as, for example: "for the acoustic conditioning of this restaurant —taking into account the dimensions of each wall, the volume of the enclosure and the location of furniture, machinery and decorative elements— we need to manufacture and hang 2 sound-absorbent wood, acoustic wood panels measuring 1.20 x 1.20 m, and another 3 sound-absorbent wood, acoustic wood panelsmeasuring 1.20 x 0.60 m at these points."

Finally, another great advantage of this solution, is that you can choose the finish of the acoustic panels —wood, lacquered in colour, or even printed with images of paintings— so they can become one more decorative element of the premises.


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