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Most of the advances in the construction world seek to improve the comfort of people who will live, work or, even sporadically, make use of, a building. When describing a space, thermal comfort, accessibility, safety and, more and more, acoustic comfort arise as part of applicable criteria. Thus, acoustic conditioning and soundproofing in buildings are increasingly more widespread, and so is the use of acoustic doors, also called soundproofed doors or soundproofing doors.

At Spigogroup and Spigodoor (our technical doors division) we are experts in doors for soundproofing or acoustic doors. Our range of acoustic doors includes the standard size most in demand by the market with a height of 2030 mm and widths of 425, 525, 625, 725, 825 and 925 mm. But at Spigogroup we are manufacturers and we can take orders with special sizes made to the requirements of each project.



Medidas Puertas para aislamiento acústico Soundproofing doors Portes pour isolation acoustique



When ordering doors for acoustic insulation, you must indicate the actual measures of the openings of each door. It is important to take real measures of the openings instead of ordering from project dimensions, as variations are quite common. We need three measurements:

1.- The inner distance of the door lining

2.- The thickness of the partition or wall

3.- The distance between the horizontal stretch of the door lining and the floor


Mediciones Puertas para aislamiento acústico Soundproofing doors Portes pour isolation acoustique


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