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¿Dónde comprar mobiliario deportivo para piscinas? 002

Pools, particularly indoor pools, are facilities with the most extreme conditions of temperature and humidity. These buildings, in addition to containing heated water vessels at temperatures higher than outside the building, also have rooms like spas, saunas, showers and water circuits with temperature contrasts that worsen environmental conditions even more. Inevitably, this also affects pool changing rooms.

What furniture can resist such environments? Where to buy sports furniture for swimming pools?

Sports furniture for swimming pools is special because, to meet these conditions, it should be made with phenolic panel. The phenolic panel (phenolic boards) is a moisture resistant material with great resistance to wear from such intense use as found in these facilities. Moreover, its non-porous surface is antibacterial, anti-corrosive and dirt-repellent. So lockers, cabins, benches, urinary partitions and even countertops in swimming pool changing rooms are typically made with phenolic panel.

To order or buy sports furniture for swimming pools and sports facilities you should contact a company specialising in this product, such as Spigocompac, the Spigogroup division specializing in the manufacture and assembly of sports furniture made with phenolic panel. Spigocompac will advise you on the most suitable product for your needs and, if necessary, it can even be manufactured so as to get the maximum use of space in your pool locker rooms. Moreover, being manufacturers, Spigocompac can ensure the rapid repair or replacement of any sports furniture module.

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¿Dónde comprar mobiliario deportivo para piscinas? 003¿Dónde comprar mobiliario deportivo para piscinas? 004






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