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The Libra Par model -Spigotec Square hole acoustic panels Spigotec

The Libra Par model -Spigotec

As you all know, Spigotec is the division of Spigogroup which manufactures and supplies acoustic panels made of sound-absorbent wood. These are used in wall panelling, ceilings and false ceilings made of wood. It has an extensive catalogue with a wide range of finishes and a varied choice of models. In previous posts, we talked of acoustic panels with circular holes (“Removable ceilings and accessible ceilings with circular perforation panels ) and acoustic panels with slotted perforations (“Slotted wood ceilings – Acoustic absorption ), but today we want to highlight acoustic panels with square holes.

Square hole acoustic panels are, along with slotted and circular hole models, some of the most popular choices of acoustic panels when taking on the task of carrying out the acoustic conditioning of a room. Square hole acoustic panels offer a high and significant average sound absorption coefficient thanks to high perforation percentages. This, together with other influential variables on the absorbent behaviour of the material make them a great choice to fulfil the acoustic requirements of enclosures.

Square hole acoustic panels Spigotec - The Libra Par model -Spigotec

The Libra 43 model -Spigotec

Currently, Spigotec has 3 standard models of square hole acoustic panels:


1.- The Libra Par model, with 7.70 % surface perforation

2.- The Libra 43 model, with 25 % surface perforation

3.- The Libra 25 Cruz model, with 11.10% surface perforation


If required, Spigotec can also modify and adapt any of these models to the specific acoustic requirements of each project.



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