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Wood inner linings, wood slats, wood panels... gastrobars and restaurants offer some of the most appealing wood projects and décors.

The warmth and elegance of the wood and its decorative value, from the most rustic and classic styles to the most modern and minimalist, have made it the undisputed star of interior design projects in bars, pubs, restaurants and gastrobars across the world. In some wood projects, the wood reaches every corner and is found in every element and detail, turning the establishment into the most striking catalogue of possible jobs for a local technical carpentry.

Just a few weeks ago, a new gastrobar opened in Logroño called Wine Fandango. It is undoubtedly destined to become an icon of Riojan cuisine because of its location where the old Gran Hotel Café used to be, in the centre of Logroño, and its food offer created by Aitor Esnal and Beatriz Martínez, parents of the renowned Restaurante Marinée.

We are very proud to have been appointed technical carpentry for the project and been asked to design and install the various wood decorative elements, some of which are very, very special. What do you think?


- Main bottle rack at the entrance of the premises. With a curving shape, it is made of oak, is approximately 3 metres high and can hold almost 500 bottles See photo

- Other auxiliary bottle racks in the restaurant, also made of oak wood and lacquered See photo

- The bar counter, also oak wood

- Various pieces of furniture, bottles and other elements in the restaurant. See photo

- The wood slats and garnet-red frames of the mirrors in the toilets. See photo

- The special vintage style floor made of aged wood See photo

- The local ceilings with an exquisite combination of glass and wood slats made of solid pine and painted See photo

- The outside deck is made of solid pine with heat-treated wood

- The doors are finished in lacquer and oak


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