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To place an order for technical doors in a project you are asked to indicate the exact dimensions you want for doors but... how do you do it?

Technical doors are one of the components that finish off architectural projects but that does not make them less important or necessary. Whether they are FR doors, fire doors or acoustic doors, it is essential to define the purpose for which they are being installed and their exact dimensions when placing an order. This is the only way a supplier and manufacturer of technical doors such as Spigodoor, the technical doors division of Spigogroup, can supply the technical doors which are optimal for each project.

Sometimes, builders order technical doors based on the dimensions in the drawings. However, at Spigodoor we always recommend measuring the actual opening for each door accurately. Experience tells us that, for many and varied reasons, sometimes the actual dimensions of the openings do not match the dimensions set out in the project drawings, even if they come close.

The best way to take the dimensions of the openings where the technical doors are going to be installed is by taking 3 measurements: the width of the lining opening, the thickness of the wall and the height from the floor to the head of the lining.

As for the width and height of the opening of the lining, it is advisable to measure the opening of technical doorsat different points/ends, both height and width, as they will vary a few mm, and always report the shortest distance. With regard to wall thickness, it is also advisable to measure the two partitions and the lintel at different points and, in this case, provide the widest measurement. But it is very important to always give the actual measurements and Spigodoor will make sure the necessary clearance is provided.


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