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In the acoustic conditioning of auditoriums, the materials used in their construction and decoration have an acoustic function. All materials and objects in a given room show a specific behaviour towards sound. The challenge lies in finding the perfect balance between these variables to enjoy the best acoustics. To achieve this, acoustic engineers, architects and decorators work together and use solutions such as wood acoustic panels. These allow us to select the degree of sound absorption that suits us best, while preserving the aesthetic quality of the walls and ceilings that will host meetings and large musical events.

Here are three models of Spigogroup wood acoustic panels used in the acoustic conditioning of major auditoriums:


Spigotec Virgo 74 used in the Logroño Auditorium



In this project they wanted to improve the acoustics and also the aesthetic appeal of the room. They wanted to go for a more appealing look and chose wood interiors opting for wood panelling, which contributes elegance and warmth to the entire project.

Approximately 200 m² of Virgo 74 acoustic panels with a melamine beech wood finish were supplied and installed, thereby providing the necessary sound absorption to ensure the acoustic conditioning of the auditorium.








Spigoacustic 42-16-16 used in the London City Gates Church




This Christian Church ensured good acoustics with the installation of 250 m² of acoustic panels Spigoacustic model 42-16-16 finished in veneered fire-retardant birch and machined for tongue and groove installation.









Spigotec Leo 32 used in the Doha Modern Indian School




In this case, the following was supplied 1,000 m² in 2400 x 600 mm, 12 mm-thick tiles with tongue-and-groove machining, acoustic veil, fire performance Bs1, d0 and cherry melamine finish. This model was combined with another 500 m² of Spigotec LISO model wood panels.







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