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tendencias en decoración 01These days much is written about recommendations and trends in decoration for year 2023 by decorators, interior designers and trade publications. Some are the same as in previous years, albeit with slight nuances. Others reflect the concerns of our society and the need to surround ourselves with safety and well-being. These are the four main ideas that will shape interior design over the next twelve months.


  • 100% natural look: the need to maintain a connection with nature persists and the use of natural materials, such as wood, is reaffirmed. Interior wood cladding using solid natural wood, even in small quantities, will be decisive in creating a cosy atmosphere.


  • Earthy colours and warm minimalism: simplicity continues to be a rising value, but with warm details that may not actually raise the temperature in our office or living room by a single degree but will certainly raise our spirits. Earthy, wood-like shades (brownish greys, coffee, paprika, cognac, terracotta or cinnamon) inspiring warmth and authenticity, will be the most in demand.


  • Attention to acoustics: the new interiors seek serenity and stillness, and rely on the selection of materials that, like wood acoustic panels, ensure acoustic comfort while playing a key role in the aesthetic appeal of a space.


  • Responsible, sustainable design: selecting the right materials is an important, transcendental task that looks at the provenance and the future of the chosen product. For example, PEFC or FSC-certified wood, guaranteed to come from sustainably managed forests and to be 100% recyclable, is becoming increasingly popular.


tendencias en decoración 02




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