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¿Qué son los techos registrables de madera? 2Today we will answer the question: What are accessible wood ceilings? Accessible ceilings allow you to take any panel out and put it in again as many times as you want. This feature is ideal when you want to add to complements to the false ceiling, such as air vents, fire or safety detectors, downlights, speakers, or when you have to access the main ceiling.

As architectural and decorative demands evolve, accessible ceilings have emerged as a versatile solution to address multiple needs in living and commercial spaces. These are some of the reasons for their success:


Acoustic comfort

One of the main advantages of the use of accessible wood ceilings is that they can be made with wood acoustic panels or tiles that help to control the reverberation of a room, providing the necessary acoustic comfort for the correct hearing of speeches, musical performances or simple work conversations.



Wood is the construction and decorative material par excellence and is widely used in the installation of accessible ceilings. It brings warmth and elegance turning any space into an enticing cosy place.




Concealing installations

Accessible wood ceilings are false ceilings that provide a space between the suspended ceiling and the original ceiling (plenum) that can be used for ventilation ducts and electrical or fibre optic wiring.



Furthermore, sustainable wood panels, like the ones manufactured by Spigogroup, have PEFC and FSC certifications. In addition, suspended ceilings reduce the volume of air that needs to be conditioned, thereby reducing the room’s energy consumption. These certifications guarantee that the wood used comes from sustainably managed forests and that the wood panel has also been prepared by a manufacturer who guarantees that a PEFC or FSC chain of custody system is maintained right through to the end product.




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