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Some construction or decoration projects require the installation of phenolic lockers or phenolic booths but... what are they? and what are they for?

Both the phenolic lockers and phenolic booths are the most common elements in toilets and changing rooms at gyms, pools, spas and resorts, and sports facilities in general. In the case of phenolic booths, we are talking about those booths used to preserve privacy in toilets, showers and changing rooms. Phenolic lockers are used to store personal items under lock and key —i.e., clothing, towels and other belongings— while the owner is making use of the sports facilities.

They are called phenolic lockers and phenolic booths because they are made with a special material with which is called phenolic panel or phenolic board.

We use the name phenolic panels or compact phenolic panels (also known as phenolic boards) for plates consisting of a core made with resin and high-density, thermosetting cellulose fibres. Over this compact core, different materials of various finishes are used. These include laminates, wood panes, etc.

Thanks to the phenolic panel with which they are made, phenolic booths and phenolic lockers offer particular resistance to humidity which makes them the perfect for sports facilities with humid environments. They also offer a variety of finishes which phenolic booths and phenolic lockers can be shared with other items of furniture from the gym or locker room also manufactured with phenolic panel such as phenolic screens, phenolic countertops for sinks or phenolic benches.

Here you can see some phenolic booths and phenolic lockers made by Spigogroup through its divisionSpigocompac, responsible for installations and made-to-measure furniture made with phenolic panel.


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