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techos desmontables de madera 01Wood removable ceilings are made of wood panels laid out on a fully standardised grid system, for quick and easy installation from the sides of a room.


Good acoustics

One of the main advantages they offer is their ability to guarantee good acoustics in a room. The panels in wood removable ceilings basically consist of a main base plate or support on which a thin layer of finish is applied and one can choose among dozens of options. Depending on the acoustic conditioning, work carried out in a room and the degree of sound absorption required for panels, these will have different types of perforations, combined with a heat bonded, sound-absorbent veil to allow you to achieve a Optimum Reverberation Time for the room.


Hide facilities

In addition, removable ceilings offer a space between the false ceiling and the main ceiling. This space "left" by removable ceilings serves to house hidden wires and pipes needed for devices in the building's various installations: electricity, heating, gas, air, sound or safety.


Energy efficiency

Removable ceilings which create a false ceiling reduce the amount of cubic metres of air that needs to be heated in a room, which means a reduction in the amount energy required to maintain a suitable temperature.


Difference between removable ceilings and accessible ceilings

In practice the only drawback of removable false ceilings compared to accessible ceilings is that the latter allow quick, direct access to any part of the wood ceiling, while removable ceilings require removing part of the false ceiling to reach the exact place where we wish to work.


techos desmontables de madera





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