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Without going into great technical considerations, we use the name phenolic panel or compact phenolic panel (also known as phenolic boards) for plates consisting of a core made with resin and high-density, thermosetting cellulose fibres. Over this compact core, different materials of various finishes are used. These include laminates, wood panels, etc.

This special coating gives phenolic panels special protection against moisture. That is why phenolic boards are often used to manufacture furniture and other wood objects to be used in particularly damp environments such as bathrooms, toilets and changing rooms.

This type of furniture usually includes made-to-measure furniture, made with phenolic boards including:


a) For INTERIOR use:


- Cabins made with phenolic panel or toilet cubicles for changing rooms, toilets, showers, etc.

- Lockers manufactured with phenolic panels for changing rooms and public areas

- Counter tops for overmounted basins, also manufactured with phenolic boards

- Benches made with phenolic panel especially for changing rooms

- Screens built from phenolic panel for offices, used as room dividers or to isolate work areas


b) for OUTDOOR use:


- Façade cladding using phenolic boards


There is widespread use of pieces of furniture manufactured with phenolic panel in sports facilities and public buildings because, in addition to withstanding humidity, they are very hard and resistant, ideal for heavy daily use. In addition, compact phenolic boards offer a wide range of colours and finishes to meet the needs of any project.

Following on this, aspects such as a good reaction to fire (B-s2, d0), flexural tensile strength, thermal conductivity, low formaldehyde content, dimensional stability, and particularly, durability, are the most important features offered by these phenolic boards.

Here you can see some of the projects carried out with phenolic panel by Carpintería Paco, a division of Spigogroup which manufactures, supplies and installs furniture and woodworking in general.


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