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Accessible ceilings combine elegance, design and functionality.

That is the reason why wood accessible ceilings are the first choice of architects, builders and designers when considering the design of room ceilings. And especially, when the project is a public, service or business building with office space.

Wood accessible ceilings allow one to hide piping, lighting, sound and data wiring, air conditioning ducts and other facilities, with quick access to any given point of each facility for maintenance, repair or replacement, while remaining aesthetically pleasing for users.

Spigogroup has been responsible, through its Spigotec and Spigoacustic divisions, for manufacturing and installing dozens of wood accessible ceilings. Following are seven examples of wood accessible ceilings:


1.- Accessible ceilings in the meeting room of the Visesa Building

2.- Accessible ceilings in the Navy Institute

3.- Accessible ceilings in the offices of Ingeteam

4.- Accessible ceilings in the Polytechnic Building of the University of La Rioja

5.- Accessible ceilings in Noain airport, Pamplona

6.- Accessible ceilings in the Valladolid Auditorium

7.- Accessible ceilings in the La Rioja Footwear Technology Centre


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