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Wood acoustic accessible ceilings are increasingly found in auditoriums, classrooms and different rooms in European universities and elsewhere. Hidden behind an appearance of elegant wood panelling, acoustic accessible ceilings used in these educational institutions represent the clearest example of how high technology can contribute significant comfort without sacrificing aesthetics. Why are they so widely used? What reasons are there for us to consider installing these materials in our school ceilings?


  • Acoustic benefits: Wood Acoustic accessible ceilings have perforations on their surface, especially calculated to enhance the sound absorption of wood. This makes it possible to control the reverberation that can occur in a room, which is sometimes very annoying, even making some conversations and speeches unintelligible.


  • Maintenance advantages: Wood acoustic accessible ceilings like the ones in the Spigotec line, manufactured by Spigogroup, are particularly hard and resistant, both to wear and usage and to fire and humidity. In addition, accessible ceilings allow for quick and easy replacement or removal of panels without having to dismantle the entire ceiling, making it easier to troubleshoot the electrical, ventilation, automation, lighting, air conditioning or security systems they usually hide.


  • Aesthetic advantages: Wood undoubtedly continues to be one of the most widely-used construction materials when a warm and elegant finish is sought, and wood acoustic accessible ceilings offer this finish and in different colours.

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