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In addition to being an excellent ornamental alternative in any decoration and interior design project, wood ceilings also offer the possibility of enhancing the acoustics of the room.

For the acoustic conditioning of enclosed spaces, sound-absorbent wood panels, —either drilled or slotted or a combination of both— are used to help control reverberation time there by improving the room's acoustics. This type of wood panels and wood ceilings are usually installed in public buildings, such as conference centres, concert and lecture halls, offices and meeting rooms, classrooms, universities, hotels and shopping centres, airports, cultural centres, cinemas, etc. where, in addition to requiring acoustic conditioning, an aesthetic value commensurate with the importance of the project is also sought.

And that is the reason why each building has different needs from the point of view of its acoustic conditioning, and why each project requires different finishes. The Spigogroup, acoustics division manufactures and supplies wood panelling and wood ceilings, under its Spigotec, Spigoacustic and Spigoline brands, offering a wide range of decorative possibilities and modelsof sound-absorbing wood panels for installing wood ceilings and wood panelling. There are models with circular, square or slotted holes, in varying percentages (from 1.2% in the LEO 64 model, up to 25% in the libra 43 model), as well as smooth models.

Sound-absorbent wood panels also offer different finishes such as melamine, natural varnished veneer, lacquered, compact, etc. There are numerous options in manufacturing and supplying wood ceilings withsound-absorbent wood panels, allowing us to adapt to the needs of each project.


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