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The benefits of wood ceilings for decoration are well-known. The comfort and warmth offered by wood in a room is unmatched. Perhaps it has something to do with the link that humans retain to their natural origins.

But in addition, wood ceilings offer added benefits, and more so if they include the use of a false ceiling to help soundproofing, thermal insulation and acoustic conditioning in a room. Wood has always stood out for its thermal insulating properties, particularly at low temperatures, and for its natural properties for acoustics.

In a false ceiling installation one has to decide whether to use wood slats or another type of wood panelling orsound-absorbent wood panels, used for the installation of acoustic ceilings. The result should always take into account whether our main goal is thermal insulation, or if we are also looking for soundproofing, and even acoustic conditioning. In the latter case, we should study the acoustic performance of the wood ceilings that we wish to use.

Finally, we need to decide on the colour and the finish of the wood panelling —Wenge, beech, maple, oak, cherry, pear, or other colour finishes (white or stainless steel finishes). Spigotec, the division of Spigogroup which manufactures and supplies wood panelling and wood ceilings, has them all.


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