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Wood ceilings for bank offices are a common choice when remodelling and updating of this type of establishment. If anyone truly understands the aesthetic values of wood, it is the bank branches that have definitely decided in favour of the distinction, warmth and modern elegance offered by this material.

And, among all the interior cladding and wood ceiling options, false ceilings made with solid wood slats, such as those offered in the Spigoline brand catalogue, are particularly notable. The feeling of spaciousness and order transmitted by the parallel wood slats is unmatched, and the brightness and lightness of the obeche wood used in this type of decorative solutions complete the suitability and versatility of this option for any interior design project in offices, branches and business establishments.

On this occasion we showcase a project that was completed a few months ago in the central branch of Caja Rural de Navarra, in Pamplona. We manufactured and supplied about 150 m² of Spigoline solid wood slat cladding, model Spigoline Grid 5-15-35-55, with PSM R12352 finish and grille size 3000x350 cm. This model features a fully assembled panel of 5 solid obeche wood slats with a 15x35 mm cross-section and 55 mm spacing, joined by 12 mm diameter rods painted black, with an open area of 77.94% or more, and a mass-per-surface area of 5.09 kg/m² or less.








Techos de madera para oficinas bancarias o sucursales de bancos



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