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Techos de madera para bodegas 01In the quest for excellence in winemaking and wine preservation, wood ceilings for wineries emerge as an elegant and sustainable choice for modern wineries. Solid wood slat ceilings or ceilings made of acoustic panels have won the hearts of winemakers and wine lovers for several reasons.

Firstly, wood is a natural and sustainable material, reflecting a commitment to the environment. In addition, its ability to regulate humidity and temperature is highly valued in these locations, helping to maintain an optimal environment for ageing wine. Aesthetics also play a crucial role, as wood provides a warm feeling, creating a welcoming and authentic ambiance in the winery, whilst linking with the traditional use of wood in the world of wine (barrels, packaging, etc.). Used in acoustic panel format on ceilings and walls, the wood allows for the acoustic conditioning of not only barrel rooms, but also offices, wine cellars and tasting rooms.

Bodegas Portia, Bodegas Tobelos, Bodegas Zinio, Bodegas Piérola, Bodegas Barón de Ley, Bodegas Mauro San Román, Bodegas Olarra and Bodegas Vargas are some of the prestigious wineries that have placed their trust in Spigogroup wood cladding and wood ceilings to embellish their wine temples. A sustainable decision that enhances the beauty and charm of any winery, providing the perfect home for the great wines of the land and the good work of the great winemakers of our country.


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