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Large wood ceilings, decorative wood slats, rooms with wood walls... the great cathedrals of wine show off their great wood projects.

Wineries have become the venue of some of the greatest wood projects in the world. Not only do you find wood in the ubiquitous barrels. For many years, wineries have implemented wine tourism programmes and opened their facilities to the public. If you know that you are going to receive visitors at home, you take greater care in decorating it and making it look nice to offer the best image; and wineries are no different.

New rooms, such as reception halls, museums, wine stores, auditoriums, restaurants and private dining rooms make up the new hospitality areas in wineries across the world. These new spaces have large design wood ceilings, wood walls decorated with wood panels or special wood slats. Their offices and auditoriums have a false ceiling with removable wood ceilings or accessible wood ceilings, and the wood panelling that converts a cold room into a welcoming space can be found in every corner.

Furthermore, receiving many visitors means having large rooms which are acoustically susceptible to unbearable reverberations. Again, wood comes into play. The acoustic conditioning of these new spaces requires the use ofsound-absorbent wood through the installation of acoustic panels on walls and ceilings that help control reverberation. Acoustic ceilings and soundproof doors or acoustic doors (as well as fire doors or FR doorsnecessary for safety reasons) top the list of wood items used in the acoustic conditioning of wineries in the 21st century.


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