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Wood ceilings, made-to-measure furniture, acoustic ceilings made with sound-absorbent wood and false ceilings, wood panelling in walls and ceilings, fitted wardrobes, toilets and changing rooms made with phenolic panel, wood doors and technical doors, etc. These are just some of the activities and components with which Spigogroup participates in the design and implementation of architectural and decorative projects in homes, offices, community buildings and public facilities.

Wood continues to be the leading choice hen it comes to fitting and furnishing premises and buildings, and Spigogroup is a technical carpentry firm with over 20 years' experience providing the most suitable products to meet every need.

Through its parent division, Carpintería Paco, Spigogroup offers a wide range of solutions in fitted wardrobes, made-to-measure furniture, wood doors and technical doors, as well as furniture made with phenolic boards (countertops, lockers, phenolic panel cabins, etc.).

Thanks to its Spigolo brand, Spigogroup is an indisputable reference in the manufacture and installation of decorative shelves with a solid appearance, large storage capacity and improved weight resistance. And withSpigoline, it is also a leader in the design and placement of roofs and wood panelling with solid wood slats.

In addition, with Spigotec and Spigoacustic, Spigogroup offers cutting-edge technical acoustic conditioning solutions for auditoriums, museums, offices and public buildings, in the installation of wood ceilings, acoustic ceilings, false ceiling and wood panelling, as well as in the manufacture of a wide range of acoustic panels and wood panels made of sound-absorbent wood.

To speak of Spigogroup is to speak of wood projects


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