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Wood ceilings are one of the most commonly-found elements in public building and community building projects. Its versatility is extensive and highly valued by both architects and builders.

Like those of other materials, wood ceilings can, be made up of quadrangular panels to form false ceiling to help conceal wiring and non-visible parts of other electrical devices (lights, terminals, etc.) and security devices (detectors, alarms, etc.). At the same time, wood ceilings offer the warmth and the added aesthetic value that only wood panelling and wood panels can provide.

In addition, wood ceilings, or ceilings with wood panelling, fulfil a key role when it comes to designing and implementing acoustic conditioning in rooms and spaces, thanks to the ability to reduce reverberation time offered by sound-absorbent wood panels used to build some wood ceilings.

Following is a list, by groups, of some of the community and public buildings where Spigogroup installed wood ceilings, or some kind of wood panelling last year:


- Wood ceilings in health, services and security buildings:

- Os Firestation (Norway)

- SOS Central at Deiak

- Hospital of Miranda de Ebro

- Regina Coeli Nursing Home in Salamanca


- Wood ceilings in schools, universities and other educational institutions:

- Stowe School (United Kingdom)

- University of Bergen (Norway)

- Beuchamps High School (United Kingdom)

- Stone School (United Kingdom)

- Ceuta University

- Valencia Official School Languages

- CEIP Fuentecillas

- Faculty of Nursing, University of La Rioja


- Wood ceilings in sports complexes:

- San Sebastian Adapted Sport Centre

- Bilbao Sports Club


- Wood ceilings in wineries:

- Dinastía Vivanco Winery and Wine Museum

- Bodegs Coto

- Bodegas Darien

- Bodegas Ramón Bilbao

- Bodegas Carlos Serres

- Bodegas Portia - Grupo Faustino


- Wood ceilings in hotels, museums and emblematic buildings:

- El Carpio Museum

- Maimón Castle

- Getxo Court Building

- Portobello Hotel

- Bendaña Palace


- Wood ceilings in offices and corporate buildings:

- Eninter Building in Cornellá

- Banco Popular in Pontevedra

- Credit Balear - Club de Mar, Palma de Mallorca

- Torre Noguera

- Mapfre Madrid

- Puerto Venecia shopping centre in Saragossa


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