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Recently we read that, in 2023 (a bit to go yet) they are to build a skyscraper in Stockholm made entirely of wood, the highest of its kind, completely safe and also capable of producing solar energy. Skyscrapers, the ceilings of the world, were built of concrete and steel up to now. Could they be made of wood in the near future? Will the new ceilings of the world be wood ceilings?

Wood has conquered the world of construction. Not only the interiors of the buildings have wood walls and wood ceilings, but also the exteriors, on the façades, where there is also wood panelling, and often wood slats are used to offer unparalleled aesthetic results.

However wood has failed to regain its leading role in building structures of centuries ago, which was lost during the 20th century to steel and concrete. But this may perhaps change soon.

This Swedish project to build a residential, 34-floor, wood skyscraper, submitted by the company C.F. Møller Architects (here you can see photos), will feature a wooden structure with stabilizing concrete cores. It can be expected that, for the interiors, it will remain faithful to Scandinavian tradition, and usewood walls and wood ceilings). Could this be the project to start a new building trend, turning skyscrapers, the ceilings of the world, into wood ceilings?

It could be. According to the architect Michael Green, we should build skyscrapers of wood obtained from sustainable sources, because this system is more environmentally friendly than using steel and concrete, and he proposes his system to FFTT / Find the Forest Through the Trees , which uses laminated wood panels which get their structural strength from their multiple-layer composition. Here you can see the video of his TED lecture where he explains his proposal (see video )


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