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Revestimiento de madera para estaciones de tren destWood cladding for railway stations and airports is a material chosen primarily based on aesthetic criteria. Sometimes, when finishing construction and refurbishment projects in passenger transport facilities such as railway stations, underground stations, bus stations, airports or ferry ports, materials with a technical function (insulation, etc.) were used. However, it is becoming increasingly common to choose materials like wood interior cladding that, in addition to fulfilling their practical function, provide an added aesthetic appeal.

Nowadays, every place aspires to show its best face and to be, if possible, a tourist destination. This means prestige and money. For this reason, the cities of the 21st century have been taking more and more care of the way their ports, airports and railway stations look. After all, these buildings are often the gateway to a city or country and are the first impression a visitor gets of their destination.

A recent example is the railway station in the Moroccan capital, Rabat, designed by the well-known Moroccan architect Fikri Benabdallah. The interior of the atrium was lined with 3,500 m² of solid wood cladding, in wooden slat format, the Spigoline Grid 4-30-70-55, made with elegant, solid obeche wood, in a PSM R12509 finish. A very versatile Spigoline solution with an installation system capable of adapting to curved surfaces.


Revestimiento de madera para estaciones de tren 2


Another case is that of the Spigotec ceiling cladding used in the hall of the Noáin-Pamplona airport, which, in addition to fulfilling an aesthetic function, provide acoustic improvements.

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