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Just plain wood cladding for walls can make the difference and make an unobtrusive space stand out for its appeal and elegance. Wood appears, to a greater or lesser extent, in almost any decorative project in homes, offices or business and hospitality premises. The market has developed different formulas that are easy to install and maintain, but decisive in terms of their look, while allowing a small fragment of nature to be enjoyed in any corner.

These are some of the most common possibilities of wood cladding for walls:

  • Wood acoustic panelling: these are wood panels with perforations that provide the sound absorption that a room may need for proper acoustics. More information about Spigoacustic acoustic panels.
  • Solid wood slat cladding: this is the most modern and suggestive option. It uses plays of light and shadow, light and dark, to produce new perspectives and optical effects that create the illusion of being in larger and wider spaces. More information about Spigoline wood slats.
  • Decorative wood panels: toothed, wavy or serrated surfaces, that bring sophistication and originality to walls that otherwise might not have much of a personality. More information about Spigoplank decorative wood panels.
  • Wood acoustic pictures: of all, this the most audacious and less used option. However, the use of screen-printed wood walls with textures or reproductions of evocative or well-known images (paintings, photographs or illustrations), is the definitive bet for business premises or offices with a desire to entice their visitors. More information about Spigoart acoustic pictures.


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